28 February 2009

Arrest These Men!

If you live in Gainesville, FL, and recognize these men, please arrest them for trespassing!

There is a sign at the entrance to the neighborhood that says "Soliciting Prohibited", yet these criminals insisted on going soliciting anyway.  They are trespassing and must be arrested!

Thank you for your help.

14 January 2009

Waste of broadcast bandwidth

I have the Weather Channel on in the background.   On the station identification they say "in HD where available".  Who needs to see the weather forecast in full 1080p high definition?  Do you really lose that much detail on SD weather forecasts?  I don't think the forecasts are all that much more accurate in HD, Chester.

31 December 2008

Samsung NC10 Boot Times

I performed a test to see which boots faster on my stock model Samsung NC10 netbook: Windows XP or Linux. On my NC10 I have two partitions, not counting the Recovery partition. The first partition is the OEM version of XP with SP3. I installed all pending critical updates from Microsoft and AVG Free antivirus. On the second partition I installed Eeebuntu 2, a distro of Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex kernel " eeepc". My criteria for OS load complete is all icons appearing on the screen and the mouse pointer no longer displaying an hourglass.

On main power

Power on to OS selection screen: 7.66 seconds
             OS selection to XP: 1:03.65
          OS selection to Linux: 1:08.63

On battery power

Power on to OS selection screen: 8.66 seconds
             OS selection to XP: 1:01.91
          OS selection to Linux: 1:06.31

Shutdown time on battery power

   XP: 35.50 seconds
Linux: 14.03 seconds

Just to compare apples to oranges to rutubagas, I did the same comparison on my Asus Eee PC 900 with XP SP3 and no TSR antivirus (but do have Clamwin installed).

   On main power: 1:00.27
On battery power: 1:02.36
        Shutdown: 16.02 seconds

I do plan on replacing Eeebuntu with Easy Peasy (formerly known as Ubuntu Eee) when it is released on New Year's Day. Eeebuntu works, except I can't increase or decrease the screen brightness. We'll see if Easy Peasy resolves that issue.

26 December 2008

America is an Obamanation

Just watched a commercial for business strike US coins defaced with Chairman Obama's image by "uscoinnetwork (dot) com".  Their products include:

  1. A George Washington presidential brass dollar with Chairman O's image next to Geo. Washington on the obverse.
  2. A Hawaii statehood quarter with Chairman O's image on the reverse.
  3. An Illinois statehood quarter with Chairman O's image on the reverse depicting the purchase of his senate seat.
  4. A Kennedy half dollar with Chairman O's image next to JFK's on the obverse.
I think it would be safe to say that Geo. Washington's views on Liberty and subjugation to Europe is the antithesis of Chairman O's.  Granted, Benjamin Franklin, et al., played France against their traditional enemy, England, despite American Liberty is incompatible with French royalty.

JFK expoused the benefits of lowering the tax burden on taxpayers, and he stood up against Soviet expansionism in Southeast Asia.  Chairman O is going to raise the tax burden on taxpayers to FDR's level and he wants to appease Islamists and European Socialists.

08 December 2008

Optical illusion of the day

According to Engadget, there is a touchscreen display in this picture, but I can't see it. :-)

Gadget of the day: USB Hand Warmer Stick

Saw this on Engadget.  It's advertised as a USB Hand Warmer Stick.  Riiiight!

03 December 2008

Running Win XP on a Asus Eee PC 900

I received an email from Asus this morning with two utilities for those running Windows XP on an Eee PC.  With these two utilities, I may give XP a try on my 900.  At least until Ubuntu Eee 4.10 (or whatever the new name is going to be) is released on 1 January.

The AutoC2D moves the "Program Files" folder form drive C to D.
Moving the programs which had been installed on drive C to D and setting up drive D as the default path for future installation, this utility breaks the limitation of drive C and leaves more space for Windows Update.
The download Link is as below:


EeePC Shrinker:

Some programs will automatically save temporary files in the computer. Over a period of time, these temporary files will occupy the space on drive C. Therefore, you can use EeePC Shrinker to clean up unnecessary temporary files. Besides, Eee PC Shrinker can remove programs that have similar functions and disable system functions that occupy too much drive space, providing more space for your system drive.
The download Link is as below: